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Omar, Project Engineer, U.A.E.

There are as few as three or four major turbomachinery controls companies in the Middle East. Based on my own experience and my colleague’s experiences within them, I can confidently say that CCC is one of the most focused companies on the turbomachinery controls business. Having the entire organization fully focused on this business means there are vast growth potential for us as employees as well as opportunities to switch departments where we can grow and develop in different aspects and working areas.

I’ve found in CCC almost all the important things for me—big and small—in a job, from pay and benefits, recognition, upward mobility and most importantly the fact that my day to day activities in CCC include working on the most complex turbomachinery projects with a team of the world’s experts.

CCC always makes me feel engaged with my team leaders and management, having a say on the company’s processes, work flow, and even campaigns, allowing employees to make CCC what it is today!

Martijn, Account Manager, The Netherlands

“When working at CCC you get the opportunity to work with other employees and customers from around the world. You interface with colleagues from the other facilities across the globe on a daily basis, gaining access to a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience on turbomachinery controls. Additionally, the customer base CCC serves has a variety of technically advanced applications that allows me to grow my knowledge and skillsets every time I visit a site. Especially with the addition of the machinery protection portfolio and engineering solution software, we have a very comprehensive offering to present to our customers. Having a technical background helps to make operating in a highly technical sales environment more pleasant.

As an organization, I perceive CCC as nonhierarchical; where you have easy access to the various management levels within the company. Lastly, CCC encourages you to grow as an individual both professionally as personally.”

Monica, Project Team Leader, Italy

“The keyword for working in Project Execution is, Variety.

I experience variety through my interactions with several customers worldwide and by managing multiple projects at the same time; all while being involved in developing company processes and removing internal roadblocks. These experiences have allowed me to improve several skills from commercial to technical in a very short time, as well as having the ability to challenge myself every day.

Along with enhancing my business development, working on a team has strongly enhanced my personal development, moving the focus from the “I” to the “We”.”

Jonah, Field Engineer, North America

“My favorite thing about working at CCC is having full in house support from my colleagues while I am on a worksite facing complex problems and working to find the best solution to meet customer needs. CCC employees come from different backgrounds, but everybody is very professional and works together as a team to provide better solutions to customers.”

Islam, Regional Sales Director, U.A.E.

“Since joining CCC in 2005 as a Project Engineer, not only am I surrounded by brilliant, friendly, and talented people, but I have been provided many opportunities for professional development and career growth. In four years’ time, I have been promoted to Projects Team Leader then shortly after I gained the opportunity to join the sales team and developed from there until I started leading an amazing team in the Middle East, as my current Regional Sales Director role.

CCC believes that “Employees Are Our Greatest Strength” and I have been blessed with being able to work with many wonderful people from different cultures and different generations over the years. These people have taught me so much and have given me the opportunity to grow successfully.”

Alex, Sales Manager, North America

“The people I work with are the ultimate experience of CCC. I have learned so much from my coworkers, and in doing so I have grown as an engineer and a manager, leading to my transition from Project Engineering to Sales account management. Knowledge is not something to be hoarded – it is applied and utilized, and the best way to do that is freely sharing it with our peers. This is what I believe truly makes the heart of CCC, and sets it apart from other companies.

Among the people I work with, each employee is given the latitude to own his or her job and the responsibilities that come with it. There is a great deal of trust put in me and everyone else in the offices and work sites around the globe. This trust and ownership is reflected in the body and quality of our work.”

Lorenza, Project Manager, Italy

“One of my favorite things about CCC is the company’s capability to discuss change in order to build a structure to efficiently reach company goals. CCC is continuously growing and molding the working model to stay current with industry changes and to help improve results for both the customer and quality of work for each employee. The team work across all departments within the company and the strict contact with our customers is another important part of our success as an organization. I appreciate the teamwork displayed within my department, Project Management, which involves not only the engineering team but all company’s departments throughout the lifecycle of each project.”

James, Field Service Team Leader, North America

“CCC has been the best working experience in my career of 30+ years. The variety of work, challenges, and life balance are unprecedented and seem to be tailor-made for me. I get to work with great technology and with many excellent individuals within CCC and out in the world at large, and I get to spend time at home with family in-between travelling the globe.”